“Do not sleep in any town where there is no Igbo man” goes a popular saying used by travelling businessmen and drivers. This well-earned reputation for pioneering entrepreneurial adventure comes from a people who were economically and politically desolate after the Nigerian civil war but, within a few decades, reversed their fortunes to become the economic nerve, and masters of Commerce and Industry in Nigeria and beyond.

From their unique apprenticeship model that multiplied wealth and expertise without loans, to their risk-taking trade acumen, the Igbo’s built a distribution network for the Nigerian music industry, Nollywood, motor spare parts, and consumer electronics. From simple kiosks and stalls, they have proven that they are truly phenomenal people.

So, where do these people who speak their minds and master their trade come from? Who are they? What have they survived and what makes them able to go from total economic and political loss to the economic powerhouse?

The Igbo Phenomenon is a Documentary Series that explores the history, the pains and the pride of these exceptional people. It will cover myths and facts, people and places, events and moments that shape the origins journey and future potential of the Igbo people and their descendants.


Africa has great stories and prolific storytellers. We have a rich heritage and extraordinary potential. The story of the Igbos, one of the largest ethnic groups on the continent, is no less a story than any other on the planet. It is a story whose time for telling, has come and we are delighted to tell it. We are devoted to inspire a new generation and to inscribe on the unforgetting anals of the internet and digital media that black was brilliant before the docking of colonial ships. That Igbo was civilized and advancing before the interruption of colonial tides.

Reward Enakerakpor
C.E.O The Storyteller Company

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“…Igbo identity should be placed somewhere between a “tribe” and a “nation”. We are that great.” – CHINUA ACHEBE